3G on public transportation: here's what's true on buses and trains

Corona numbers are currently rising dramatically in Germany – at the same time, the Vaccination rate still too low. The traffic light parties have decided to introduce tougher measures. In buses and trains in addition to the mask requirement, the 3G rule apply.

3G on buses and trains: What does it mean?

The 3G rule for the Long-distance and local public transport Specifies that only vaccinated, recovered and negatively tested people can use buses and trains. The rule also applies to airplanes taking off in Germany.

From when does 3G apply in buses and trains?

The rule has been in effect since Wednesday, 24. November. On this day, the new Infection Protection Act came into force.

What tests are valid?

Daily commutes to work, college or shopping can be a complicated affair for the unvaccinated – especially if they need a bus or train to get to a testing station. At the start of the journey, the test acceptance must not be longer than 24 hours lie back. Two tests per week employers must provide. At least one free "citizen test" per week will be available at testing stations. Who pays for tests beyond that is open.

Are there exceptions for children?

Children and Young people, who go to school, and children under six don't need proof of testing, vaccination or recovery on mass transit. Pupils are amed to undergo the regular tests at school.

How the 3G rule in public transport is to be controlled?

The 3G rule in buses and trains should be randomly be controlled. Area-wide controls are not to be implemented, as the Federal Chancellor said after the Corona Summit. Deutsche Bahn announced that checks are planned on 400 connections already in the first days after the new measures come into force.

The railroad unions EVG and GDL had sharply criticized the new rules, as the implementation could mean an additional burden for train attendants.

What are the penalties for not complying with the rule?

The Protection Against Infection Act sets out the fines that will be incurred if the 3G rule is not complied with. It says that this administrative offense "can be punished with a fine of up to two thousand five hundred euros". But: the federal states must ie their own fine ordinances, which means that the framework of 2500 euros probably not exhausted.

Carriers who evade the 3G rule's controls may be fined up to 25.000 euros accrue.

The rule also applies in cabs?

No, the 3G rule does not apply in Cabs. There is a mask requirement, however. Michael Oppermann, the president of the Federal Association of cabs and rental cars, but stressed that it applies to drivers.

How high is the risk of infection in public transport?

According to transport operators, the risk of contracting the coronavirus on public transport is no higher than in other places. Virologist Christian Drosten also dampened hopes that the new rules could slow down the incidence of infection. He said that infected vaccinated who do not realize their infection could infect unvaccinated tested. But of course, the new rules put further prere on the unvaccinated to get vaccinated.


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