Official final results: now it comes down to absentee voters

That on election night no quick final result would give, was clear. There has never been. What TV viewers, Internet users and newspaper readers are being served at an early hour in Europe is based on projections and projections of the major TV stations, which are supplied by two different opinion research institutes.

In the past, too, it sometimes took weeks from state to state in America until the official results were available in a legally binding form. Everything normal. And legal. If Donald Trump says – "I think it's terrible that we can't know the results of an election on the night of the election" – the president deliberately distorts reality.

US election: Trump deliberately discredits high number of absentee voters

Trump's aim is to reduce the extremely high number of Corona-related Absentee voters to discredit. Trump has been using the tried-and-true method, which nearly all states use, under suspicion of fraud for weeks – without solid evidence.

The background: Of the nearly 70 million absentee voters this time (by comparison, in 2016 there were only 33 million), according to empirical values, the majority Democrats. Counting all these ballots, which have to be taken out of the envelopes by hand, meticulously checked for signatures and authenticity, and then scanned in by computer, logically takes more time than usual.

Donald Trump – More on the 45. US President

Especially since many states are not allowed to start counting these documents until Election Day, according to their laws. And: key states like Pennsylvania and North Carolina, who could tip the scales in the end, may, with the backing of the Supreme Court, also take into account "mail-in-ballots" sent on 6. November resp. 12. November are received by the appropriate offices -provided they bear the postmark 3. November.

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf sent a video circulating specifically for that reason. "Because of the coronavirus, millions of votes were cast by mail, so it may take longer than usual to cast each vote to count", explained the Democrat, but that's fine. Because what matters is that your vote is counted – and it will be."

Counting of absentee ballots in US election: "Blue wave" feared

Trump sees it completely differently. He considers Wolf a partisan obstructionist. The president fears a "blue wave" (blue is the color of the Democrats), which, by counting the absentee ballots in the coming days, could possibly turn the preliminary result of the election evening, where initially mainly the votes cast during the day in the polling station count, upside down to his disadvantage.


That's why Trump had already declared over the weekend that his lawyers were waiting in the wings. Their goal is, de facto, to make all that happen for invalid to have it explained what happened after the 3. November is taken into account at all in arriving at the final result.

Acute time prere exists according to Legal situation and contrary to Trump's claims not at all. All states have at least until 8. December Time to have their individual results determined in a legally watertight manner. Only then will the 538 electoral candidates be named, who will be elected on 14 December. December in the respective state capitals in the "electoral college" on the basis of the "popular vote", i.e. the electoral votes, actually determine the president. 270 votes are needed for victory. The results will be announced officially on 6. January announced before both chambers of Congress.

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