25-Year-old dies after colliding with truck – disregarding stop sign

25-Year-old dies after colliding with truck - disregarding stop sign

A collision between two vehicles at an intersection in Apen (Ammerland district) has killed a 25-year-old female van driver. According to police, the woman had been wearing a Stop sign disregarded and a tractor-trailer the Right of way taken. The collision occurred early on Friday morning. The 25-year-old was injured so severely that she died at the scene of the accident. Her 22-year-old passenger and the 26-year-old tractor-trailer driver were taken to hospital with minor injuries. The intersection was temporarily closed due to the accident.

24-year-old crashes car into tree and dies

A 24-year-old man has been Hanover region crashed his car into a tree and was fatally injured. He was on Friday at noon on the Kreisstrabe 141 between Dollbergen and Eddesse probably too fast, the police said. After a right-hand bend he left the road to the right. The car crashed sideways against a tree and rolled over. Because of the strong impact of the forces, the seat belt of the driver torn, it was said. The 24-year-old skidded out of the vehicle and succumbed to his serious injuries at the scene of the crash. The K141 had to be closed for several hours.

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  • Boy seriously injured in traffic accident

    A Seven-year-old has been seriously injured in a traffic accident in Hollenstedt in the district of Harburg. The boy wanted to cross a street at noon on Thursday and was hit by a car hit by a car, as the police announced on Friday. The student had abruptly stepped into the oncoming lane between waiting vehicles and ran in front of the approaching car. The 59-year-old driver was unable to prevent a collision despite emergency braking. The child was taken to a hospital but was not in danger of death, officials said Friday.

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