Are politicians going too far with new pandemic measures?

In Corona times Keeping track of all the requirements and rules is truly not easy. Families in particular Fall vacations have planned a trip know about the difficulties. While vacations abroad are usually complicated due to entry barriers and quarantine regulations, traveling in Germany was considered a safe bank. But with Corona numbers rising again, that has changed.

Several German cities and counties are Risk areas. For their residents this means that for them in some federal states a ban on accommodation applies. In addition, stricter curfews and public alcohol bans have been imposed in many places. Higher fines for mask muffers are also being discussed.

Overview: Corona rules: These states are tightening up

The hospitality industry and the medical profession criticize politicians for the strict measures, the CSU leader Markus Soder the tightenings, on the other hand, are not enough. There is controversy over the question: How far can the new Corona requirements go??

Corona rules: Criticism from doctors' representatives and from the business community

The chairman of the board of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), Andreas Gassen, is clearest with his criticism. "By the jumble at not comprehensible regulations" possibly goes the acceptance for those Corona measures lost, "which really bring something", said Gassen of the "new Osnabrucker newspaper". Therefore, for example, the Accommodation ban Be withdrawn as soon as possible.

Gassen called domestic travel a "pseudo danger". Mass infections There is a high incidence of Corona due to traditional large-scale marriages, in meat-processing plants and due to uncontrolled Celebrate. Closing hours and alcohol bans like in Berlin are also "more than questionable," said Gassen. This is not effective, he said, because it does not change individual behavior.

At the same time, the KBV chief criticized the Warnings of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the pandemic could get out of control. "We must stop staring at the number of new infections like a rabbit at a snake, this leads to false alarmism," said Gassen. "Even 10.000 infections a day would not be a drama if only one in 1000 became seriously ill, as we are seeing at the moment."

Corona risk areas. These are the Corona hotspots in Germany

Corona: The fear of loss of control is going around

The president of the German Association of Cities, the mayor of Leipzig Burkhard Jung (SPD), basically strikes the same note as the RKI. Jung calls current situation serious. "We all have to play by the rules to push the number of corona infections back down," he told our editorial team. "We have to get it right again, as in the spring quite a lot of Discipline and consideration. Otherwise, we risk losing control in the fight against the pandemic."However, Jung Doubt On the sense of the overnight ban. "Many cities have great doubts that this will help. Because we have no evidence that hotels or traffic with Bus and Bahn Hotspots are. The hotspots are emerging somewhere else entirely," Jung explained. He could understand the idea of this measure, "but the regulation is not yet thought through, there one will have to go at it again".

He ames that the federal government and the states will once again discuss. The yardstick for all measures, he said, must remain that they do something for the Infection protection would bring. In addition, there must be differentiation. "Where infection numbers are high, there must be more restrictions than where they are low."However, the following applies everywhere: "The requirements must be complied with. Only then can we stand up to Corona."

Corona vacation: Lower Saxony's problem with its own attractiveness

Lower Saxony's Minister President Stephan Weil (SPD), meanwhile, defends itself against criticism of the accommodation ban for people from Corona hotspots. The regulation, he said, was "a reaction to the fact that almost all other countries have provided this measure for themselves and we have a special attraction of Lower Saxony on people from particularly stressed areas had to avoid," Weil told our editorial staff.

Lower Saxony will continue to strive for a mixture of prudence and consistency. There was "no danger whatsoever Alarmism" to expect.

Minister President Reiner Haseloff warns against alarmism

Precisely that, on the other hand, fears Saxony-Anhalt's Minister President Reiner Haseloff (CDU). He warns Overreaction of politics. "The first step in targeting the causes of infection is for each country to first consistently enforce its own regulations," he said.

With regard to the demand of his Bavarian counterpart Markus Soder (CSU) to impose fines for violations of the Mask obligation to introduce a uniform nationwide fine of 250 euros, he told our editorial team: "We should not focus on sanctions now, but on the actual causes of the Hotspots fight."

Soder: Kleinreden of Corona shows effect

Soder argues against it. The "constant talking down" of the challenge is "unfortunately having an effect". The patience and Willingness to participate of the population have fallen as a result. Corona is just as dangerous as in the spring. It is "five to twelve. The situation can no longer be glossed over."

Baden-Wurttemberg's Minister President Winfried Kretschmann agrees with Soder. He warns, "I expect citizens to stop doing everything they are still allowed to do out of a sense of responsibility."

High infection rates in major cities

Background of the recent tightening of the Corona requirements are rising infection figures, especially in major cities: Over the weekend Essen and Stuttgart exceeding the important warning level of 50 new infections per 100.000 inhabitants in seven days. Frankfurt, Bremen and Cologne are also above, as are 28 counties.

In the Berlin districts of Mitte and Neukolln, the numbers recently even shot up to over 100 cases per 100.000 inhabitants up. Nationwide reported Health departments According to the RKI on Sunday 3483 new Corona infections within one day. Eleven people died from or with covid-19. The number of Covid 19 deaths thus rose to 9615.

Opponents of the Corona policy protest in Berlin

According to top virologist Christian Drosten, the infection mortality rate in Germany is "one percent or a little more". That would be 20 times higher than for the flu.

Meanwhile, in Berlin on Saturday again opponents of the Corona policy. The Police spoke of several thousand participants. They mostly wore mouth-nose protection. Since Saturday, Berlin pubs have had to be cleared of 23.00 to 6.00 o'clock remain closed. No more than ten people allowed at private indoor meetings.

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