Criticizing the successful coach

Criticizing the successful coach

Regarding "In the midst of promotion jubilation: coach debate at Eintracht" from 3. July:

I was horrified to read this headline. You write that there are quite a few critics on the supervisory board for the "sometimes edgy, but straightforward coach" who are thinking about his continued employment. Who are these people on the supervisory board? I haven't noticed them on the pitch or on the training ground in the last successful months. Where were they when Eintracht plummeted to the third division after relegation from the Bundesliga and the wrong coaching decisions in the second division?. Where were they when Eintracht was almost relegated to the regional league?Now, after Marco Antwerpen and sporting director Peter Vollmann have brought Eintracht back on track for success, they show up and bitch about the successful coach. I work a lot with successful managers. But I didn't realize that one of the criteria for success was "being nice to the board".

Gernold Dathe, Brunswick

State allows soccer fans out of fear

Regarding "Outrage over crowd after Eintracht promotion" of 3. July:

Okay, now I know how it works. Our motorcycle club canceled its long-planned meeting in September because we can't meet the requirements (1.5 meters distance, sitting only, face mask). But maybe we should just increase the number of people from 150 to 600 and throw some pyrotechnics around, and the state will let its power be taken out of its hands. A few hundred soccer fans have managed to unceremoniously undermine the power of the state, and out of fear they are let off the hook. I would have liked to see at least a record of the personal details of participants so that penalties could be imposed retrospectively if necessary.

Mario Mehlitz, teaching

Wearing a mask even in the throes of joy

On the same subject:

What is actually wrong with people? Everyone wants normality, but very few are in a position to ensure that we achieve it again at some point in the future. Business owners sue the state, others want to abolish the obligation to wear a mask, the next one insists on his "rights of freedom". In case no one has noticed, the pandemic has not yet gone away. We have merely ensured that the virus does not spread so quickly. So, as hard as it is: keep your distance, wear a mask and keep your hands clean. Even if you want to hug each other and shout out your joy at sporting events. Otherwise it could hit one or the other life-threatening. This is not a dress rehearsal, this is life – and there are no second chances for that.

Bianca Behnke, Wolfenbuttel

More understanding for fans than for children

On the same topic:

Today I was with some children in the Natural History Museum. There, because of the Corona safety regulations, we had to keep quite strictly to the walkways and, of course, wear a mask the whole time. But what I do not understand at all – why are the guidelines so strict here, but at the promotion celebration of Eintracht neither distance nor masks mandatory? I'm not concerned with the fact that celebrations were held – but why are there these huge differences when it comes to distance and mask requirements? Why were there not as strict controls at the promotion celebration as at the museum or when shopping?

Why are still not all students allowed to go back to school at the same time, why are farewell events cancelled there – but in front of the stadium there are clearly more than 10 or 50 people in each other's arms? What makes soccer more important or more emotional than any other celebration??

Andrea Michael,

Braunschwei g

Problematic choice of words in subline

Re "Arrest on VW night shift" from 2. July:

In the subheading to your article, you write "In the Italian stronghold of Wolfsburg, a suspected underboss has been arrested". In the short term, the coffee stuck in my throat. What's that about, "Italian stronghold"?? To me it sounds like a particular nationality is being negatively highlighted. The question is whether you would have phrased the headline "Turkish stronghold" or "Arab stronghold" so loosely as well? Especially in the debate going on at the moment about all people being "equal" whether black, white or what religion they believe in etc., this line is the completely wrong signal.

Ute Allermann, Brunswick

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