Soder for tightening: comes the corona full brake?

These are sentences of Bavaria's prime minister Markus Soder , who are alert. With a view to the current Partial shutdown in the pandemic, the CSU leader said Wednesday it was "a question of whether we can keep the country in this kind of half-sleep all the time, or whether at some point we don't have to reconsider going deeper in some places very clearly and consistently".

It sounds like a full brake in the Corona pandemic with the aim of thereby also slowing down the virus more strongly. Neighboring countries such as Belgium and the Czech Republic have recently gone this route – with success.

On Thursday, Soder followed up. Due to the partial lockdown, which has been in effect since November, the exponential growth has been stopped. But that is not enough. "The overall numbers do not go down. Quite the opposite."If that remains so, it is clear "that, for example, on New Year's Eve, the number of contacts must also be reduced".

At their meeting on Wednesday, the federal and state governments had agreed to extend the current Corona conditions until 10. January agreed, but no additional tightening. Restaurants and recreational facilities will remain closed until the new year, private meetings limited to five people – except for children under 14. Only over the holidays may be ten people.

Soder for tightening: comes the corona full brake?

Nighttime curfews in Baden-Wurttemberg

In the spring, Corona requirements in Germany were much stricter. Schools and daycare centers were closed. Politicians do not want to repeat this. Baden-Wurttemberg But has tightened measures because of high infection rates, imposing nighttime curfews in counties with more than 200 new infections per 100.000 inhabitants within a week. In the future, citizens there may leave the house at night only with valid reasons.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported on Thursday 22.046 new infections – similar number to a week ago. The number of Covid 19 deaths remained at 479, only slightly below the previous high of 487 deceased.

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