The castle treasures shall get their place

The castle treasures shall get their place

The city now also wants to present the most impressive of the still existing original stones of the Braunschweig Residence Palace to the public at a suitable location. The rest of the castle's remains, which are currently stored above ground in Querum, could then be buried in the same place and thus also secured.

This emerges from a response from the city administration to our newspaper and the CDU council faction. We had reported that numerous parts of the castle, which had not been used in the construction of the castle arcades, were stored in Querum. But the storage area there must be cleared because of a construction project.

Still this year, the city wants to move the stones, as it communicates. Where the new exhibition site will be located has not yet been determined. Art historian and castle expert Dr. Bernd Wedemeyer, who is also curator of the exhibition "10 years of the castle … Since 1841" in the castle museum, favors a location in the city center, if possible near the castle, the state theater or the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum.

According to Wedemeyer, he could also imagine a joint presentation with the Ackerhof portal, which has also not yet been rebuilt, as part of a lapidarium. This would be an attraction for visitors to the city center.

At the same time, there would also be an opportunity to tell the story of this central building in the city's history by means of unique castle relics – including columns and even an essential element of the rotunda, which was not rebuilt.

The fact that the original parts of the residential palace still in existence were denied listed status by the Lower Saxony State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments in March 2017, according to a statement from the city, is causing experts to shake their heads – and is unlikely to be the last word on the matter. The council committees will also deal with this soon.

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