Vitamin d against corona? Controversial study causes uproar

  • What influence does vitamin D have on the course of a corona infection??
  • Researchers have apparently found in studies that a deficiency of vitamin D leads to a higher risk of death
  • "In fact, low vitamin D levels are associated with a severe covid 19 course. He is therefore but far from being the cause of it," a medical doctor told our editorial team
  • It would be wrong to conclude from this that the administration of vitamin D can prevent severe courses of disease

There are 13 vitamins that ensure our survival – vitamin D is one of them. It strengthens the heart muscle, protects the inner walls of blood vessels and helps regulate blood lipid levels. It's also essential for bone structure. But can vitamin D also protect against severe or even fatal covid-19 events?

At least, this is the result of an analysis by a team of researchers led by Hans Biesalski of the University of Hohenheim. Their study establishes a direct link between vitamin D deficiency, certain pre-existing conditions and a severe covid 19 course. Read here: These vitamins are vital for humans.

Vitamin D deficiency in severe corona courses

It says: "There is ample evidence that various non-communicable diseases (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome) are associated with low plasma vitamin D levels.

And further: "These concomitant diseases, together with an often accompanying vitamin D deficiency, increase the risk of severe covid-19 courses."With regard to the course and cure of the disease, therefore, the importance of vitamin D levels should be given much more attention," the researchers write in the NFS Journal.

Vitamin d against corona? Controversial study causes uproar

What vitamins are good for and where they are in it

"In fact, low levels of vitamin D are associated with a severe covid 19 progression. But that does not mean that it is the cause of the disease," Christoph Specht, a physician, told this editorial team. It is wrong to conclude from this that the administration of vitamin D can prevent severe disease progression. Both would rather depend on third factors such as the age and immune system of the patient.

Vitamin D and corona: connection difficult to establish

"That would be sort of like saying wrinkled skin is more likely to correlate with covid-19 than smooth. Of course it does. This is because older people are more likely to have wrinkled skin than young ones."The study only proves an association between a vitamin D deficiency and a severe course of disease – but not a causality, i.e. a relationship between cause and effect.

The elderly and bedridden in particular often suffer from vitamin D deficiency because they spend less time in the sun. 90 percent of the vitamin, which is essential for the body's survival, is formed by the skin itself through UV radiation. Most people absorb the remaining ten percent through primarily fatty foods such as salmon, mackerel or herring

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Studies in recent years have repeatedly found links between vitamin D supply and diseases such as high blood prere, type 2 diabetes mellitus, cancers and diseases of the cardiovascular system. So far, however, there is no evidence whether a deficiency promotes such diseases and vice versa, he said.

Vitamin d against corona? Controversial study causes uproar

Covid-19: "Dramatically increased risk of death" due to vitamin D deficiency?

The Dr. Jacobs Institute for Complementary Medical Research in Heidesheim has also summarized two studies from Indonesia and the Philippines on the subject of Covid-19 and vitamin D.

According to the institute, the course of the disease as well as the vitamin D status of 780 people infected with the corona virus had been studied in Indonesia. There has been a "dramatically increased risk of death." in the case of vitamin D deficiency. Almost all patients with vitamin D deficiency had died from covid-19, but only about four percent of patients with optimal vitamin D levels.

After adjusting for study confounders such as age, pre-existing conditions and gender, the study found a Ten times higher risk of death for coronavirus-infected people with vitamin D deficiency arise. The deficiency value in this study had been amed to be a blood serum value of less than 50 nmol/l.

The RKI sees a value of 30 to 50, however, a suboptimal supply. Only from a value of less than 30 nmol/l the RKI sees a lack of vitamin D. The disagreement within the scientific community about the level at which a vitamin D deficiency exists then makes such studies more difficult to compare.

Scientist promotes vitamin D as a "remedy for severe disease progression"

In the Philippine study, 212 Covid-19 patients had been examined, according to the Jacobs Institute. Here, a life-threatening course of the disease with low vitamin D levels was 23 times more frequent than normal values. However, it was also noteworthy here that a normal vitamin D level was defined as above 75 nmol/l and already a value of below 75 nmol/l significantly increased the risk of a serious course of events.

Vitamin d against corona? Controversial study causes uproar

Jacobs Institute concludes that the studies proved a strong association but not yet causality. Nevertheless, as a precaution, vitamin D could be "the cheapest and so far best remedy against severe disease progression," the researchers write.

Indication of an effect of vitamin D would also be the Outbreak of the disease in winter Give, "when the vitamin D levels were in the basement.". Moreover, in the southern hemisphere, which had reached the end of summer at the same time, the fatal courses were relatively low.

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