Alec baldwin speaks out for first time about slain camerawoman

Alec baldwin speaks out for first time about slain camerawoman

The ill-fated western "Rust," during the shooting of which at a movie ranch in Arizona, senior cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, was killed by a shot from a gun partially loaded with live ammunition, is never expected to be released in theaters. He can't imagine the film being finished, said Alec Baldwin, lead actor, co-producer and death-row inmate against his will in the U.S. state of Vermont.

Members of the media had followed him and his family (six children) in a car over the weekend until the 63-year-old pulled over on a country road near Manchester and answered some recognizably reluctant questions. "We were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a movie together and then this horrible event happens," Baldwin said in a video distributed by celebrity portal "tmz," while his upset wife Hilaria recorded the scene on her cell phone and interrupted several times.

Baldwin calls for new security measures

Hutchins, who leaves behind a nine-year-old son, called Baldwin "my friend". For the start of the shooting, he had invited her and director Joel Souza, who was injured in the shoulder in the incident, to dinner, he said. With Hutchins man Matt is he regularly in connection.

On the matter itself, Baldwin was expectedly tight-lipped. The Santa Fe Sheriff's Office had barred him from making any public statement about the case, citing the ongoing investigation. The actor, most recently noticed as a Donald Trump impersonator on a renowned TV satire series, said Hutchins` death was an event with a "one in a trillion" chance of happening. Bullets have been fired on movie sets for 75 years – "this is America!" – but never with such a "terrible end".

Baldwin pleaded for "new safety measures". Experts would have to advise on whether, for example, real guns could be completely dispensed with during shootings. Still unresolved is the central question of how and by whom at least one live round could have ended up in the Colt with which Baldwin was shot during a rehearsal scene on 21. October aimed in the direction of camerawoman, whereupon the fatal shot was released.

Hannah Gutierrez, the master-at-arms in charge, said through lawyers that she had "no idea" and had nothing to blame herself for. Under their watch, they say, the weapons used on the set were always supervised and harmless. Assistant director Dave Halls, who handed Baldwin the Colt, had already admitted complicity: he hadn't checked the revolver drum carefully enough.

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