Cdu leader armin laschet: fdp and greens now decide

The black wall in front of which they take up their positions, the folded hands, but above all the expressions: When Armin Laschet, Markus Soder, Annalena Baerbockand Robert HabeckWhen they step in front of the press at noon on Tuesday, they don't necessarily look like four people who have just laid the foundation for a new beginning. The mood is serious.

A good two hours of exploratory talks have Unionand Greensthere just behind itself. A meeting that has the character of a job interview, especially for the CDU/CSU: "The CDU did not win this election," said Laschet.

Laschet: Opposites not insurmountable

You could also say she lost it. The Union and especially he personally must therefore now hope that they convince the Greens and FDP to nevertheless probe with them instead of with Olaf Scholz and the SPD.

Laschet thanked for "the good atmosphere, the open exchange" at the meeting. Opposites had become clear, but they were not insurmountable. In many respects, he says, it was possible to pick up where 2017 left off. At the time, the CDU, CSU, FDP and Greens were also sitting down for exploratory talks about a Jamaica coalition.

Such an alliance would make it possible to modernize the country, said Laschet. It would be worthwhile to deepen the talks. "But whether the further way goes in such a way, that decide naturally FDP and Greens."

Soder: Need for talks in the field of migration

CSU leader Markus Soder also called the talks constructive and honest. Especially in the area of climate protection, he says, people have come closer together. There is a need for discussion, for example, in the field of migration Migration. It was a lot of "mental exercise" for everyone involved to develop the future further, Soder said. "If everyone was willing to reach out to each other, I think there would be great opportunities to continue such a conversation."

Nevertheless, the signal is clear, the Union would be ready. The deputy head of the CSU Manfred Weber promoted further talks: "There are interesting overlaps with the Greens," he told this editorial team.

Greens: talks "marked by great seriousness"

The Greens, on the other hand, continued to keep a low profile on Tuesday. Co-party leader Annalena Baerbock said the talks had been marked by "great seriousness", and that there were also common concerns such as the Digitization.

Your party and the FDP now want to take stock of the talks held with all parties so far. "We will take time for this today and tomorrow," said co-party leader Robert Habeck. Baerbock said the Greens and FDP would each consult internally and then "come to a joint decision on how we proceed in the coming days".

Suspicious look at the squabbles in the CDU/CSU

The Greens are watching the squabbles in the CDU/CSU with suspicion. "The whole store is obviously zero prepared for the time after Merkel," said parliamentary group leader Katrin Goring-Eckardt a few days ago in an interview with this editorial office.

The Greens would not comment on the internal set-up of other parties, Habeck said now, when a journalist asked about exactly these doubts. However, he also said, "Of course, it is always the case that a government works particularly well when the authority within the parties is clear and set."

FDP irritated because of leaked information

They are concerns that the Greens share with the Liberals. It probably didn't help the Union that someone from its ranks, of all people, probably broke the parties' strict confidentiality agreement. After the conversation of FDP, CDU and CSU on Sunday soon appeared content and even verbatim quotes on the website of the "Bild" newspaper.

The FDP reacted irritably: "There were three exploratory talks last weekend, in which I also participated for the FDP," wrote deputy party leader Johannes Vogel on Twitter. "Out of two you read and hear nothing. From one alleged contents of talks are leaked to the media. That stands out, dear Union – and it's annoying!" Party leader Christian Lindner shared the article. Which was again taken up by the Greens on Tuesday.

Details also of meeting between Union and Greens

Because in the evening, the discussion received new impetus, when the "Bild" on its website this time about details of the meeting between Union and Greens reported. On crucial ies, the parties had not been able to converge, it said.

In particular, it seems difficult to reach an agreement on three ies. When it comes to EU finances, the Greens wanted to soften the stability pact, "Bild" says. In addition, they wanted to pursue a much more open policy on the subject of migration and to phase out the internal combustion engine before 2035.

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