New book aims to show facebook's “ugly truth”

Opportunity makes thieves. Also at Facebook. In the social media giant from California, which is now frequented by three billion people worldwide, the 16.000 experts to the holy of holies: the private data of all users, with all their preferences, interests and habits.

Within a few months, more than 50 employees were quietly fired in 2015. Mostly men. They had taken advantage of their privileged access to Scoping out women and chasing them. In one case, an engineer got into a fight with his lady of the heart during a trip to Europe. Leaving the shared hotel with an unknown destination, Mister x used secret Facebook tools to find out her new place to stay. A blatant abuse.

Facebook: Lawsuit against the company temporarily failed

The anecdote is in the new Disclosure book by longtime New York Times Facebook experts Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang. The title "Inside Facebook. The ugly truth", especially in Germany (S. Fischer-Verlag) came out, comes at a sensitive time.

Various congress committees and institutions have just set out to Smashing of the global corporation, which is now worth more than $1,000 billion on the stock market. The primal fear of company founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is one of the ten richest people in the world with almost 100 billion dollars in personal assets, which has existed for years, has thus become concrete.

Facebook is to be sentenced in a first step to divest itself of the company's own platforms Instagram and Whatsapp, thus creating a competition-stifling Monopoly situation dissolve. Only a few days ago, the Attorney Generals of 40 U.S. states and the antitrust authority FTC temporarily failed in the first step with this request before the federal judiciary in Washington. Judge James Boasberg found the lawsuit contained "almost nothing concrete on the crucial question of how much power Facebook actually has".

Book: Zuckerberg wants growth at any price

After reading the book by Frenkel and Kang, who interviewed 400 senior and highest decision makers at Facebook (current and former) Interviews have led, the picture could change dramatically, judicial insiders discourage. What the authors paint as an overall picture, in fact, makes a mockery of Zuckerberg's repeated professions at congressional hearings to better position his company, which most recently reported $85 billion in annual advertising revenue, in terms of data privacy, competition and the fight against hate and hatred.

They draw a corporation that, at the end of the day, has given all decision-making power to a single man who knows only one goal: "Growth at any price." The consequences of this are astounding. For example, long-fired security chief Alex Stamos warned as early as March 2016, eight months before Donald Trump's election, that Russian actors were actively influencing the U.S. presidential election in favor of the right-wing populist with manipulative posts on Facebook.

Zuckerberg and his key comrade-in-arms at the top, Sheryl Sandberg, didn't learn about it until nine months later. Cause: according to Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang, the bosses allowed themselves to be de facto shielded from bad news, which would have required a premature intervention against the destructive digital interference from Moscow and its amplification by Trump.

Facebook was aware of potential violence before storming Capitol building

Looking back at the bloody storming of the Capitol in Washington by marauding Trump supporters on 6. January this year from. Facebook watchdogs, according to the report, recognized early on by monitoring postings that there was an explosion of violence could occur.

It was considered that Zuckerberg Trump called the White House in person to ask for moderating influence before the rally that was later taken by hundreds as carte blanche to storm the heart of U.S. democracy. In the end, the 37-year-old multi-billionaire did not pick up the phone – result known.

The special quality of "The Ugly Truth" comes from the fact that the authors are able to make it credible that they were there "like flies on the wall" when scandals and undesirable developments were debated within Facebook, without any substantial consequences being drawn. In the end, he said, it was always the level of the Advertising revenue The company said that it was the social responsibility that tipped the scales, which is significantly higher in the case of polarizing posts, and not the overall social responsibility.

High truth content: Facebook checked quotes before publication

Indicative of the Truthfulness of the book is that Facebook was presented with every account, every quote, for comment beforehand and, apart from minor details, made no objections. Exception: The company denied that there is a deep rift between Zuckerberg and Sandberg about the direction of the group.

New book aims to show facebook's

As an illustration, pictures were published showing both of them in intimate togetherness at a billionaires' conference in Idaho a few days ago. On Twitter, former Facebook employees explained, mutatis mutandis "Fake facade" was acting, in truth, there was fierce controversy.

Similarly out of place to some was a YouTube video Zuckerberg posted for the National Day on 4. July published. It shows him with an America flag on an electrically powered surfboard on the water. John Denver's hometown anthem "Take Me Home, Country Roads" was playing. How long Zuckerberg will remain untroubled is uncertain. Lina Khan, the New head of the FTC antitrust authority, is considered a relentless pursuer of the network. Perhaps that's why Facebook called for their recall on Wednesday.

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