New logo and campaign new ice age

New logo and campaign new ice age

By Wolfsburg field hockey standards, it is tantamount to a revolution: the EHC is presenting itself in a completely new guise from the new season onwards. And not only in terms of the jerseys. With the campaign New Ice Time the sporty successful club wants to make now still more strongly on itself attentive and changes for this name and Logo.

From the Grizzly Adams EHC Wolfsburg, so far the official name, becomes – briefly – the Grizzlys Wolfsburg. The somewhat outdated grizzly bear with the black poncho and the club in his hand disappears. In its place will be an even more stylized, modern grizzly head that will roar at its opponents even more fiercely than before. The logo was created by a graphic designer from the Berlin agency Citypress. Marcel Porsche's hiring as head of marketing and sales at the beginning of March is having an impact. Up to now, the Grizzly office had a lot of catching up to do compared to the sporting area. Now those responsible are pressing on the gas pedal.

Parallel to yesterday's announcement, which was made rather cautiously via press release, the club's Internet homepage, which has undergone a relaunch, also goes online. Instead of previously using, the website can now be found at the address (see also report at the bottom of this page).

The campaign is supported by 18 large-scale posters in the city area. The Allerpark is also flagged with the new Grizzly logo. Club also puts out 10,000 postcards with Grizzlies stickers in Wolfsburg's catering establishments.

"We are convinced of our new logo. But we were aware that it was a sensitive ie. That's why we involved the new fan council at an early stage," says managing director and manager Charly Fliegauf.

Marketing expert Porsche has high hopes for the new look. "We want and need to increase our perception. We want to achieve a positive emotional impact not only in the direction of spectators, but also in the direction of sponsors and the league. We want to evolve as a club."The campaign's impact is most readily measurable in terms of viewer numbers. So far, the EHC has been in last place in the DEL with an average of around 2,500.

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