New regio bus lines in the district

New regio bus lines in the district

New Regio bus routes to be introduced with winter timetable change. This was decided unanimously by the district council during its recent meeting. The goal is to improve connections.

This is line 740 from Wolfenbuttel to Sickte. It is to be extended via Cremlingen to Weddel. Additional trips are also to be offered on the Regio Bus Line 730 from Sickte to Braunschweig at the start of the new timetable in order to increase the frequency of service.

New development services are also to be set up on Line 731 between Schoppenstedt, Dettum and Sickte. In the local networks of the municipality of Schladen-Werla, the joint municipality of Oderwald and in the southern area of the joint municipality of Elm-Asse, lines 750 to 756 are to be better connected to the railroads.

Because more buses are now running, the transport companies also have to do more. In total, 200,000 kilometers come together, which the buses then drive more. As a result of these additional services, there is an estimated deficit of around 394,000 euros.

A steering committee formed by Public Transport (oPNV) ames that the Zweckverband fur den Grobraum Braunschweig (ZGB) will pass on at least 300,000 euros a year to Wolfenbuttel County from additional state funds to finance local bus services. If this funding does not materialize, the county council will decide again at the start of the 2017 summer schedule.

The steering committee had also advocated that part of the money be used for projects with a positive impact on the entire area of the ZGB. This includes, for example, the establishment of a mobility center.

"The work done by the public transport steering committee of the district to implement the local transport plan is exemplary for the region," said District Administrator Christiana Steinbrugge. As a result, the district is in a position to be able to implement part of the concept for the further development of local public transport in the district at this point in time.

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