Alarm in spain: comes with tourists the new corona wave?

Alarm in spain: comes with tourists the new corona wave?

The best defensive weapon against the covid wave rolling in northern Europe Corona wave is vaccination, preaches Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. "Because this works. The more people protected, the less chance the virus has." He said he was proud of his citizens and their high Vaccination readiness. 89 percent of people over the age of 12, i.e. the population currently eligible for vaccination, have received the double prick; in relation to the total population, the rate is almost 80 percent. "With this, Spain is an example for the whole world."

This is the example that is now to be followed with the urgently recommended refresher of the virus protection. The third vaccination for the over 70s and health professionals is already almost complete. In the next few days, the booster campaign for everyone over 60 is to start. And there is little doubt that even this Booster vaccination will once again find great favor in Spain's society.

Spain: Successful national vaccination campaign

The recipe for success is simple, and has a lot to do with the centrally organized national Healthcare system to do. Everything is strictly staggered by age and priority groups, starting with the most vulnerable. All citizens are actively invited by health authorities by phone call or short message to a specific vaccination appointment. Those who cannot make it at this time will be offered an alternative date without any problems. There is general planning instead of scheduling chaos.

Spain's head of government, Sanchez, sees the spread of the disease in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg as a threat, mainly because of the successful national vaccination campaign Covid wave rather calmly. "We are much better equipped than we were a year ago to deal with a relapse," Sanchez says. This is clearly reflected in the national Corona figures, which are lower than in other European countries.

In fact, Spain currently has one of the lowest 7-day incidences in Europe. According to Johns Hopkins University data, Spain last registered a weekly incidence of 71 cases per 100.000 inhabitants. Many countries further north look enviously at the Spanish. The Infection curve is also increasing south of the Pyrenees, but only very slowly. Hospitals are quiet, with only two percent of beds occupied by covid patients – so there are few severe cases.

Tourists bring Corona to Spain and Portugal

Nevertheless, there are increasing indications that there is now a particular foreign tourists bring the virus to Spain. In some Spanish vacation hotspots, the infection curve rises noticeably more than the national average. This applies, for example, to the Costa Blanca capital Benidorm on the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands with Mallorca and Ibiza or the Canary Islands winter paradise Fuerteventura. Destinations throughout that are popular with vacationers from German-speaking countries as well as the United Kingdom, where incidence rates are very high.

A similarly worrying development is currently being experienced by the Spanish neighbor Portugal. For weeks the Portuguese Hailed as Europe's vaccination champions because 88 percent of the total population there has already received double protection. But even this apparently cannot prevent the Corona numbers from skyrocketing, especially in the tourist hotspots.

Corona rules could become stricter again in Portugal

This particularly affects the vacation coast of Algarve, where the 7-day incidence is now again close to 250 – with a further upward trend. In the much-visited Portuguese capital Lisbon and on the vacation island of Madeira, a similar upward trend is becoming apparent. This is driving Portugal's nationwide Weekly Incidence upward, which Johns Hopkins University says is already heading toward 150, approaching the red zone again.

While the number of severe cases in Portugal, similar to Spain, remains low thanks to the high national vaccination rate. But rising incidences are not good tourism advertising. That's why Portugal's government no longer rules out the possibility of soon building some Corona rules, such as the mask requirement, which was greatly relaxed in October, to be tightened again.

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