Alarm in spain: comes with tourists the new corona wave?

Alarm in spain: comes with tourists the new corona wave?

The best defensive weapon against the covid wave rolling in northern Europe Corona wave is vaccination, preaches Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. "Because this works. The more people protected, the less chance the virus has." He said he was proud of his citizens and their high Vaccination readiness. 89 percent of people over the age of 12, i.e. the population currently eligible for vaccination, have received the double prick; in relation to the total population, the rate is almost 80 percent. "With this, Spain is an example for the whole world."

This is the example that is now to be followed with the urgently recommended refresher of the virus protection. The third vaccination for the over 70s and health professionals is already almost complete. In the next few days, the booster campaign for everyone over 60 is to start. And there is little doubt that even this Booster vaccination will once again find great favor in Spain's society.

Spain: Successful national vaccination campaign

The recipe for success is simple, and has a lot to do with the centrally organized national Healthcare system to do. Everything is strictly staggered by age and priority groups, starting with the most vulnerable. All citizens are actively invited by health authorities by phone call or short message to a specific vaccination appointment. Those who cannot make it at this time will be offered an alternative date without any problems. There is general planning instead of scheduling chaos.


Corona: how are stores surviving the lockdown??

Saxony on Monday already offered a taste of what all of Germany can expect starting Wednesday: closed stores, orphaned pedestrian zones. Silence in a time that would otherwise be characterized by hustle and bustle at Christmas markets, crowds in department stores and the scent of cinnamon in cafes distinguishes. After restaurants, retailers must also close.

But of the Saxon silence Was in many other places in Germany, where the Lockdown only begins on Wednesday, nothing to feel. Instead, some of the long Queues bookstores, fashion retailers and boutiques," Gent said. And merchants were also eager to get rid of their goods. Because the warehouses are still well filled.

Lockdown puts retailers in hopeless situation

"Especially in the area of Fashion the warehouses are still overflowing," Stefan Genth, chief executive of the German Retail Association (HDE), told our editorial team. At Christmas business an average of more than 15 million pairs of pants, shirts, shoes, belts and other garments cross the counter each day.


Corona quick test: lauterbach warns against false security

The outlook of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Easter is alarming: more corona infections, more sick people, consequently an overload of hospitals. The third wave is here and almost unstoppable.

"If we don't take immediate countermeasures, the consequences will be severe," warned RKI president Lothar Wieler on Friday in Berlin. "There the science is unanimous," he affirmed.
According to his presentation, the number of cases is increasing rapidly and in all age groups. There are particularly many infections in private households, daycare centers, schools and at the workplace

Lauterbach: Soon 30.000 to 50.000 new infections a day

For SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach is quite clear "that we are in exponential growth and within a short time daily numbers of 30.000, 40.000, 50.000 infected reach". He expects the situation to "deteriorate significantly" after Easter, Lauterbach told our editorial team.


Infection protection: does it need a new corona app??

Many hopes were pinned on Corona warning app of the federal government when it was launched in the summer. But the app is not the magic bullet in the fight against the pandemic that many had expected. Now voices are being raised calling for the app to be more infection and less data protection Offer – or be replaced immediately by a new.

"We need to get off this Data protection cult", said the Green politician and mayor of Tubingen recently Boris Palmer. And philosopher Julian Nida-Rumelin, on "Anne Will," immediately called for a completely newly developed app modeled on applications used in East Asian democracies.

Data protectionists: Corona warning app as in South Korea not conceivable in Germany

But experts doubt whether that will Effect of the app would really improve. "Platitudinously saying we need to lower data protection, suggesting we can end the pandemic faster, I think is a smoke screen," explains Ann Cathrin Riedel, Chairwoman of Load, an association for liberal network policy.


Corona mutation: first berlin clinic under quarantine

Corona mutation: first berlin clinic under quarantine

The more contagious and possibly also more deadly Corona mutation from the UK is spreading further and further into Germany. Several infections with the viral variant have been detected at the Vivantes Humboldt Hospital in Berlin, Germany.

The hospital's website states that the admission of new Patients was stopped to prevent the spread of the virus mutation B.1.1.7 to prevent. By Saturday, there were 14 cases among staff and patients, according to "Tagesspiegel".

Infections with mutations cannot be explained by travel

According to the report, experts ame that a medium double-digit number of Clinic staff and patients could already be infected with the mutant.


Wolfsburgers celebrate the day of the tree

Wolfsburgers celebrate the day of the tree

For Dirk Schafer, somehow every day is a tree day. After all, Wolfsburg's city forester deals with the giants of the forests on a daily basis. But once a year, "Arbor Day" is really celebrated, on 25. April. So this Sunday.

In America, by the way, this day of honor for the tree has already existed for around 140 years. It originated in Nebraska, which is rather poor in trees. Then, 70 years ago, the Day of the Tree was adopted by the United Nations. Planting campaigns usually take place on this day, campaigns around the tree as well. Also in the Wolfsburger city area several associations and citizens take this day to the cause, in order to plant a new Geholz. Just like the Brackstedt support group, for whom such an action has been firmly anchored in the April calendar for several years now. But to cancel completely was out of the question despite Corona: After all, the tree had also been ordered long ago. For this reason the working group planted the tree together with SV Brackstedt. Chairman Manfred Rosner and groundskeeper Manfred Wocknik supported. "The sports club celebrated its 100th anniversary last year – and that was an occasion for us to donate a four-meter-high ginkgo tree. It is the tree of the millennium. It was also native to us before the ice ages," explains Marie-Luise Kelting, chairwoman of the Forderkreis. The ginkgo is also very hardy and will certainly be enjoyed by future generations.

An service tree was planted in the Wolfsburg city forest on Thursday

An equally small event took place on Thursday in Wolfsburg's city forest: Agriculture Minister Barbara Otte-Kinast planted an service tree together with Lord Mayor Klaus Mohrs. In other years, the actions were larger – and should be again, according to the wishes of Dirk Schafer.


Conversion of wolfsburg's christmas market into a to-go mile is underway

Conversion of wolfsburg's christmas market into a to-go mile is underway

The 2G-plus regulation due to warning level 2 leads on the Christmas Market in the Porschestrasse to a drastic shrinkageBecause since Wednesday hospitality, rides and the like are only allowed for vaccinated and recovered with negative test and also the FFP2 mask is mandatory, dismantle many Beschicker. As of Friday, Wolfsburg Wirtschaft und Marketing GmbH is trying it out as a To-go mile. Meanwhile Passers-by during the reconstruction simply taken away Christmas trees.

Note on Christmas market trees on Facebook

In the Facebook group "Who, Where, What in Wolfsburg" it was called on Wednesday: "Free trees in the city," coupled with a photo that showed people helping themselves to the conifers, which had been removed because of the Resolution of the Christmas market winter forest had been stacked up. But obviously the

Christmas trees to the Decoration continue to be used. And also not all Facebook group members found the Call good: "Donates times rather for the Showman, instead of trees under the nail!!!!", wrote one.


Inflation: these products have become more expensive in the supermarket

Living in Germany has become significantly more expensive in recent months. According to initial calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, consumer prices rose by 4.1 percent year-on-year in September – the highest level since 1993. Although the main reason for the high figure is the rapid rise in energy prices. But also Food and beverages have become significantly more expensive.

Energy prices have risen the most, according to the Federal Statistical Office's consumer price index. One of the culprits is the CO2 tax, which has been levied since January 2021. But also the low crude oil price last year influenced the high price increase. In the course of the Economic recovery Following the Corona crisis, demand for crude oil has risen significantly, which is also pushing up prices.

In September, consumers had to pay 14.3 percent more for household energy and fuel than a year earlier, according to preliminary data. Experts anticipate that the Energy prices will remain high until the end of the year, partly because the cold past winter has emptied stocks.


Merkel cancels: trump takes revenge with russian “shopkeeper”

The one rocket, whose successful launch towards the International Space Station he witnessed live in Cape Canaveral, was sufficient Donald Trump not. On the return flight from Florida to Washington, the American President let a second rise before journalists on Saturday evening (local time).

The Summit of the seven major industrial nations (Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Canada and the USA), which Trump is hosting this year, will not take place at his presidential country residence at Camp David or at the White House in two weeks, as he had planned; not even as a video conference. But possibly in September in the environment of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Or not until after the presidential election in the U.S. on 3. November. Trump said he didn't know for sure yet.

G7 summit in Washington – Merkel cancels because of Corona

The move had become overdue after German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had declared that she did not want to travel to Washington in person because of the coronavirus pandemic. Similar concerns were raised by Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. With further cancellations (France's President Macron etc.) has been expected for days in diplomatic circles in the U.S. capital. Presenting himself before a skeleton crew was out of the question for Trump.


Rki: who is now most likely to be infected with corona

The Seven-day incidence in Germany is rising again. On Friday (23. July) was 13.2 %, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Eleven federal states now exceed the value of 10. According to the RKI's weekly situation report, the coronavirus is currently spreading in one population group in particular: people between 15 and 34 years of age.

According to the report, the incidence among very young citizens is between 15 and 24 highest. In this age group, it is 34. Many young people do not yet have full vaccination protection. Covid-19 often has a milder course in them.

RKI: Few new Corona infections among over-60s

The values for the Over-60s have changed only minimally in the past weeks, they remain at a very low level. In this age group, the RKI has fewer than five cases per 100.000 inhabitants recorded within seven days.