Netherlands and spain classified as high-incidence areas

Until recently, things looked good in the Netherlands. So good, in fact, that in June the Dutch government almost revoked all Corona measures. But then the Delta variant caused an explosive increase in the Corona figures.

Thousands of new infections are reported daily in the Netherlands, with a seven-day incidence of nearly 400 cases per 100, according to our editorial figures.000 inhabitants. The Dutch government reacted immediately, reinstating Corona measures – and calling the previous lifting of Corona measures a mistake.

On Friday, the German government declared Spain and the Netherlands to be high-incidence areas. This editorship learned already on Thursday from government circles.


Suspected corona: when patients should see a doctor

The Corona pandemic
poses unprecedented challenges for the German healthcare system: Hospitals must care for more intensive care patients, public health departments must help track chains of infection, and laboratories must handle millions of corona tests.

Corona pandemic: big changes for doctors

And also with established general practitioners
the coronavirus has changed things: You must be prepared for greatly increased hygiene requirements, care for people with suspected corona separately from others and still maintain normal care.

But if there is a suspicion of infection with the Corona pathogen SARS-CoV-2
at all times a Visit a doctor
necessary? And should you go straight to the doctor's office at the first symptoms such as cough or fever, or should you wait and see?? Many people are uncertain about such questions.


Are politicians going too far with new pandemic measures?

In Corona times Keeping track of all the requirements and rules is truly not easy. Families in particular Fall vacations have planned a trip know about the difficulties. While vacations abroad are usually complicated due to entry barriers and quarantine regulations, traveling in Germany was considered a safe bank. But with Corona numbers rising again, that has changed.

Several German cities and counties are Risk areas. For their residents this means that for them in some federal states a ban on accommodation applies. In addition, stricter curfews and public alcohol bans have been imposed in many places. Higher fines for mask muffers are also being discussed.

Overview: Corona rules: These states are tightening up


Why older people are increasingly rejecting astrazeneca

Regina F. could have been vaccinated long ago. Back in early April, the 64-year-old Berliner received a call from her Family doctor. He could have vaccinated them two days later in his practice. But the 64-year-old declined, and that, although she very much wants to be vaccinated against Corona. "Just not with Astrazeneca," explained F., which does not want to read its full name in the newspaper.

The Berlin native belongs to the group of people for whom the Standing Commission on Vaccination (Stiko) recommends Astrazeneca without reservations. F. is 64 years old and has no previous illnesses. The serious side effects, such as cerebral vein thrombosis, occur extremely rarely in people over 60, according to official data from the Paul Ehrlich Institute.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) also continues to back Astrazeneca. "The vaccine saves lives," senior Ema data analyst Peter Arlett recently summed up. In addition Astrazeneca particularly effective against the widespread British mutation B1.1.7 its.


Soder for tightening: comes the corona full brake?

These are sentences of Bavaria's prime minister Markus Soder , who are alert. With a view to the current Partial shutdown in the pandemic, the CSU leader said Wednesday it was "a question of whether we can keep the country in this kind of half-sleep all the time, or whether at some point we don't have to reconsider going deeper in some places very clearly and consistently".

It sounds like a full brake in the Corona pandemic with the aim of thereby also slowing down the virus more strongly. Neighboring countries such as Belgium and the Czech Republic have recently gone this route – with success.

On Thursday, Soder followed up. Due to the partial lockdown, which has been in effect since November, the exponential growth has been stopped. But that is not enough. "The overall numbers do not go down. Quite the opposite."If that remains so, it is clear "that, for example, on New Year's Eve, the number of contacts must also be reduced".


Showmen: christmas markets without unvaccinated people if necessary

Showmen: christmas markets without unvaccinated people if necessary

In the next few days, all over Germany, the Christmas markets. But in view of rising Corona numbers, some cities and municipalities are already cancelling the first markets. Saxony's prime minister is forging ahead and is now calling on city, municipal and state leaders to take market operators to task for their decisions.

The German Association of Towns and Municipalities on the other hand, is in favor of access restrictions such as 2G or 2G-Plus at the soon to open Christmas markets. "In the current situation, we consider 2G at Christmas markets an important sign that the greatest possible safety is ensured for visitors, as well as employees," Gerd Landsberg, chief executive of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, told our editorial team.

The 2G rule states that only convalescents and vaccinated persons may enter the market, 2G-Plus is stricter, with an additional testing obligation for the convalescents and vaccinated persons. It is not necessary that all Federal states Introduce uniform rules at all costs. "However, it would make sense if everyone could agree on a certain framework for which rules apply at which infection levels," Landsberg said.


Vitamin d against corona? Controversial study causes uproar

  • What influence does vitamin D have on the course of a corona infection??
  • Researchers have apparently found in studies that a deficiency of vitamin D leads to a higher risk of death
  • "In fact, low vitamin D levels are associated with a severe covid 19 course. He is therefore but far from being the cause of it," a medical doctor told our editorial team
  • It would be wrong to conclude from this that the administration of vitamin D can prevent severe courses of disease

There are 13 vitamins that ensure our survival – vitamin D is one of them. It strengthens the heart muscle, protects the inner walls of blood vessels and helps regulate blood lipid levels. It's also essential for bone structure. But can vitamin D also protect against severe or even fatal covid-19 events?

At least, this is the result of an analysis by a team of researchers led by Hans Biesalski of the University of Hohenheim. Their study establishes a direct link between vitamin D deficiency, certain pre-existing conditions and a severe covid 19 course. Read here: These vitamins are vital for humans.

Vitamin D deficiency in severe corona courses

It says: "There is ample evidence that various non-communicable diseases (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome) are associated with low plasma vitamin D levels.


Corona danger: how johnson is turning england into a variant laboratory

The 19. July will be Freedom Day for England – Freedom Day. This is how the Conservative prime minister wants it Boris Johnson and his health minister Sajid Javid is giving him a helping hand. You have to learn to live with the virus," Javid told BBC 4 radio recently. The phrase also appeared verbatim in a U.K. government press release Monday, in which Johnson clarified that personal responsibility was now key in dealing with coronavirs.

At the same time, the British government is perfectly aware of what the Freedom Day – the almost complete rollback of all Corona rules in England – may mean for the country. "As we loosen up and head into the summer, we expect to see a significant increase, and the number of cases could be as high as 100.000 (daily) rise," the health minister told the BBC.

So Johnson, Javid, and the ruling Tory party are deliberately taking a big risk and relying on the U.K.'s targeted living with the virus Vaccination campaign. The had broken the link between corona infection and death, the prime minister justified his easing course back at the beginning of July – a course that would not only have a negative impact on the health of young people in particular in the United Kingdom but can turn England into a potentially highly dangerous variant laboratory with no safety locks for.


Study: mrna vaccines likely to protect against covid-19 for years

More and more people in Germany have now received at least their first vaccination against Covid-19. The fast pace of the Vaccination campaign gives hope that a reasonably normal daily life is possible in the long term despite the spread of the coronavirus. But so far, it remains to be seen how long protection from the vaccine lasts after full immunization.

A new study, now published in the journal Nature, suggests that vaccination with certain vaccines could protect against Covid-19 for a very long time. Biontech and Moderna manufactured the novel mRNA vaccines produce a lasting immune response in the body, according to the study. This could potentially last for years.

Study of Corona vaccinees: Immune response strong even months later

For the study, the U.S. researchers from the Washington University men and women vaccinated at regular intervals under the microscope. Some of the test subjects had already had an Covid-19 disease had gone through and recovered from.


Practice phones run hot – doctors: please don't argue

Practice phones run hot - doctors: please don't argue

Who these days has a Family doctor wants to speak, must be persistent and exercise patience. The author of this article is no different Vaccination or acutely ill patient. Whoever calls the practices gets to hear the busy signal again and again. No passage. In case of illness this is a real problem. And there is no easy solution in sight.

Doctors' nerves are also on edge. "The situation is dramatic," says Carsten Gieseking, chairman of the Braunschweig GP association. One reason for the rush is the autumn-typical accumulation of infections. Add to that the large number of people who Corona vaccination dates want to agree. In Gieseking's view, the fact that so many are coming to practices at once is a "politically homemade" problem: The call from Health Minister Jens Spahn to all vaccinated persons, whose vaccination was six months ago, to get "boostered" had triggered the rush.

But now it turns out that not enough vaccine is available: "An absolute catastrophe," summarizes Gieseking. Thorsten Kleinschmidt, district chairman of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, also uses drastic words: "Spahn screwed up." He asks those willing to vaccinate for patience and forbearance: "All everything immediately – this can not work."