Sick trump puts others at risk in bizarre appearance

Anyone who had a glimmer of hope that Coronavirus, experienced firsthand, would Donald Trump teach a little humility and, after eight months of chaos management, set America on a more innocuous course in dealing with the pandemic, has been bitterly mistaken.

What the White House has been releasing to the public since the president was hurriedly transported to a military hospital near Washington on Friday night is inadequately described by confusion and deliberate misdirection.

From the timing of the diagnosed infection to the actual severity of the disease symptoms to the prospect of recovery, America knows nothing from official sources that it can rely on one hundred percent a month before the presidential election. It will be hourly lied and Concealed.


Study: biontech booster vaccination significantly increases effect

From September, people in Germany who belong to a risk group are to receive a third Corona vaccination receive. Israel is already further along: more than a million people have already received a booster in the country. Now, new data show that a so-called "booster vaccination" with Biontech's vaccine could significantly increase protection against a Corona infection.

This is what scientists from the Israeli Gertner Institute and the KI Institute want to have found out. Relevant data were presented Thursday at a meeting of the Israeli Ministry of Health. In the meantime, they have also been uploaded to the ministry's website – but not all the information on the Study available, reports the news agency "Reuters.

Study: Third Corona vaccination significantly increases vaccination protection

The results already published indicate that people over 60 in particular benefit from a Booster vaccination could profit. In them, protection against Corona infection is four times higher ten days after a third Biontech vaccination than after two doses, it said. The booster even offers five to six times more protection against serious illnesses and hospitalization.


Official final results: now it comes down to absentee voters

That on election night no quick final result would give, was clear. There has never been. What TV viewers, Internet users and newspaper readers are being served at an early hour in Europe is based on projections and projections of the major TV stations, which are supplied by two different opinion research institutes.

In the past, too, it sometimes took weeks from state to state in America until the official results were available in a legally binding form. Everything normal. And legal. If Donald Trump says – "I think it's terrible that we can't know the results of an election on the night of the election" – the president deliberately distorts reality.

US election: Trump deliberately discredits high number of absentee voters

Trump's aim is to reduce the extremely high number of Corona-related Absentee voters to discredit. Trump has been using the tried-and-true method, which nearly all states use, under suspicion of fraud for weeks – without solid evidence.