Rents have risen by 6.4 percent

Rents have risen by 6.4 percent

The new Braunschweig rent index has cleared the first political hurdle: Unanimously, the members of the Committee for Social Affairs and Health voted in their recent meeting for the recognition of the current rent survey. According to this, the average rent in Braunschweig has risen by 6.4 percent to 5.95 euros per square meter compared to 2014.

Thorsten Warnecke, head of the Department of Urban Planning, cited the strong demand on the housing market as the main reason why housing has become more expensive. The qualified rent index should give tenants and landlords legal certainty.

In the run-up, the owners' association Haus+Grund had criticized the newly determined average rent as not being in line with the market: it did not reflect reality. For Warnecke, this objection came as a surprise: the players in the housing market would have jointly agreed on an external expertise in a working group.


Concern about lagerfeld – star designer did not appear in paris

The star designer Karl Lagerfeld is for the first time in his time as Chanel creative director not at the end of his Fashion show in Paris Occurred. There were concerns about health that appeared to be justified: Karl Lagerfeld has died at 85.

Lagerfeld was feeling tired on Tuesday, reads the official statement from Chanel. For the fashion house, only creation director Virginie Viard appeared before the audience.

The two haute couture shows were shown Tuesday morning at the Grand Palais in Paris. When the first show ended without Lagerfeld, the guests were already disappointed. When he was absent from the second screening as well, concern grew in Paris for the global star.


Pregnancy: so important is a healthy diet

Greasy burgers, sweet soft drinks, lots of computer use, little exercise – lifestyles that are characterized by unhealthy Eating habits and too little exercise have led to a worldwide increase in overweight people over the past two decades.

But strict diets may not help; more than 700 factors influence the Body weight of a person. Many of them manifest themselves already during pregnancy and infancy. It is well known that pregnant women should not consume alcohol or cigarettes, but healthy eating also plays a role. The "Early Nutrition Project" Devoted to these early "programming effects" on health later in life.

Researchers from 35 institutions in the U.S., Australia and 12 European countries, have collaborated to study how early nutrition programs and lifestyle factors affect the incidence of obesity and related disorders later in life. Study shows: The Nutrition of babies and toddlers plays a decisive role in their later becoming overweight and the resulting metabolic disorders develop.


Barmer trainees collect donations for “kinderoase”

Barmer trainees collect donations for 'kinderoase'

Whoever starts training for business people in the health care sector usually deals with patient data, has to bill for services, advise insured persons or even work out marketing strategies. At the health insurance company Barmer, another special part is added: Here, the apprentices are asked to organize a charitable project. Year after year, apprentices collect for a good cause. Last year, around 2300 euros were raised for the "Kinderoase" charity. This is a joint idea of the Braunschweig hospital with the Weggefahrten association: children with tumors and their families are given a place to recharge their batteries.

Appeal for donations from the trainees started last winter

"We think about it every year: where should the money go? What do we want to support?", reports Lilli Zielke. Both first-year trainees and those from the second and third years of training are involved. "Thus, all accompany the project for three years," explains the young woman. A total of 13 trainees are currently taking part in the campaign: they come from Wolfsburg, from Braunschweig and Peine as well as Hamburg and are all between 18 and 22 years old.

The trainees launched the appeal for donations in various ways last winter – and employees could donate in the traditional way by bank transfer or in a modern way via a so-called moneypool. "There was a lot of positive feedback. Quite a few people thought it was great that we were collecting for a project like this," says Michelle Simon happily.


Child benefit and parental allowance: how to submit applications online soon

Young parents can sing a lament about this: If you want to be a mother or father Financial aid from the state apply, this can mean enormous bureaucratic effort. That could soon change: A new law aims to ensure that parents can apply for financial aid without the hassle of paperwork in the future – via the Internet. When is the change expected to take effect and how can parents then receive Apply for child benefit and parental allowance online ?

Child benefit and parental allowance: New law aims to cut paperwork for parents

birth certificate, parental allowance and child benefit online in one go: that's the stated aim of a planned law that the Bundestag will vote on 4. November on the initiative of the Federal Government has passed. These are the so-called Digital Family Benefits Act . "Applying for child benefits will finally be as easy as online banking or online shopping," said Digital State Minister Dorothee Bar (CSU).

For the new regulations to come into force at the turn of the year, the Bundestag must be followed by the Bundestag Bundesrat agree. According to the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, the law will be discussed in the Bundesrat before the end of November and will take effect on 1. January 2021 to be promulgated.


How other eu countries are fighting vaccination fatigue

Growing vaccination fatigue in Europe alarms governments. Some EU countries have made Corona vaccination mandatory for certain population or occupational groups. There are also supposed to be limits on visits to restaurants or cinemas.

Which countries are now cracking down on vaccine fatigue and which ones are Sanctions We have summarized the consequences of disregarding compulsory vaccinations in an overview.

France: Compulsory vaccination in the health sector

France leads to compulsory vaccinations for staff in the Health sector an. Employees in hospitals and nursing homes have until mid-September to be vaccinated.


Corona protection by ffp2 masks: how the distribution runs

As Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had announced, receive people aged 60 and over and members of other Risk groups since December by the federal government FFP2 protective masks. All in all, entitled persons are to be gradually 15 masks to be made available.

The first batches were in the Pharmacies already before Christmas available, so that particularly endangered persons could protect themselves also already in the time around the holidays better. Spahn emphasized that an FFP2 mask is nevertheless "not a free pass to be careless". But how does the dispensing of the masks work? And who gets them? The most important answers in the Overview.

Now, eligible individuals are to receive from their Health insurance Get vouchers for more FFP2 masks, which can then be redeemed at pharmacies.


“Forest bathing: how the power of trees has an effect

Whichever direction you look – forests and mountains. West of Frankfurt am Main, in the middle of the Taunus, Eppstein lies surrounded by greenery in a hollow. In a small seminar room, Elke Grunwald, Melanie Schneider and Peter Fornoff meet every day for a week. Equipped with hiking boots, functional jackets and outdoor backpacks one sees at first sight, it draws them into the nature.

After a short round of greetings, we set off in the direction of the train station, across the tracks, past a disused tunnel and a little way up the hill – into the forest. Annette Bernjus leads the group. In 2018, she co-founded the German Academy for Forest Bathing and Health and published a book about the Waldbaden published.

Since then, she has been training interested people to become certified course leaders for forest bathing – a total of around 250 people in the meantime. Three of them are Grunwald, Schneider and Fornoff.


Vaccine commissioner: this is how he wants to overcome the shortages

His appointment was meant to be a signal: The Federal government wants to get a grip on the bottlenecks in the supply of vaccines. In an interview, the vaccine commissioner Christoph Krupp However, it is clear that he is aiming more for long-term successes.

The federal government has appointed you – a climate scientist with a doctorate – as vaccine commissioner. How did it come to this?

Christoph Krupp I spent seven years in Hamburg running the Senate Chancellery for First Mayor Olaf Scholz. In this position, I have dealt with everything that is at hand. I guess that's why they came up with the idea for me to do it now.